With the offering of Trojan TV Wall SUSO33, a Trojan Horse is introduced into the art fortress, claiming its fountains, its plurality, and its humanity. It reminds us of the reality of the human experience and its value as the base of art, and the fact that it is art in itself. Only life is real. Only life is art.
With Trojan TV Wall, a direct entry canal into the art fortress is created for the experiences and emotions of society, making them into art without the artist, who solely structures the support which allows the automatic transformation.
Trojan TV Wall will be made up of a 10 meter long wall with changeable content screens. Each photo or text which is sent via email will be exhibited on one of the Trojan TV Wall screens, in a random order, without previous selection. Anyone can upload a photo or short sentence which condenses their emotions, experiences, beliefs...anything which is important for him or her, in any language.
Trojan TV Wall will also have a communication system which will allow visitors to upload in real time, during the fair, their own contribution, whether it be a sentence or a photo, from their own mobile device. A twitter account will be created over the next few days for the same purpose. To the exhibition of the contributions which will be uploaded in the wall, SUSO33 will add his own pieces, integrating them and creating an added element, with the goal of strengthening the reflection on art and the market.