SUSO33 in New York, Brazil, Peru, Naples
Has been selected for the Festival "Region Zero, The Latino Videoart Festival of New York." Next March 26 his piece of videoart “CRASH! Adrenaline Race Creation in SUSO33 Hands!” will be project in the center King Juan Carlos I at the University of New York.

SUSO33 make his "Set in Progress" in “CORTEN” with Impromadrid Theater and Nacho Mastretta. First in Madrid on March 19 and later in Brazil, 24 and 25 March in Belo Horizonte and April 2 in Sao Paulo.

Has been selected his videoart piece CRASH! Creation, Race, Adrenaline in SUSO33 Hands! for the “Optica Festival” in Peru and will be screened March 24 at the Auditorium of the Convent of Santo Domingo in Cusco, Peru.

This, has also been selected for the "VI Edition of Magmart | Video Under Volcano International Videoart Festival" organized by "CAM - Casoria Contemporary Art Museum" and the "Universal Forum of Cultures Foundation, and will be screened on March 18 in Naples.